How to Prepare for an English Literature Exam


English Literature is a complex subject which many of us dread. With so many things to keep track of, we are often confused as to where to start from. The list starts from essays to write to books, poems and plays, a positive attitude and little determination along with hard work can help you do well in this subject. Here are few tips for you to prepare for an English Literature Exam and how to get good grades:


Make Reading a Daily Habit

One of the best methods to learn is to ‘read’. Reading books helps in improving your fluency in the language and teaches you to convey your message. It is important that you understand the topic and what is being asked. Learning new words and their synonyms and antonyms will help build your vocabulary. It also helps you assess how well you write. Always read carefully and effectively the first time around. It is a must that you express your ideas well when writing an English exam.

Make Short Notes 

Notes are equally important in a student’s life even if it means doing so for English literature exam. As a literature student, one must be prepared for a lot of writing in the form of essays, study notes, etc. Make short notes as you studying such as words that you think would be good to include in your answers, any kind of information which is good to know, important quotes etc. This will also help you during your revision time as you will not have much time to refer to your study notes.

Utilize Available Resources

Resources such as study guides, online mock tests, previous question papers and online web links are specifically useful for students to understand the language/subject better. Check out online websites that provide you all these resources and help you practice well and get familiar with. This will help you to find out what you need to work on and make a study plan.

Use Proper Jargons

Language does play an important role in English literature. There are many words that are actually associated with this language and these are collectively called literary jargon. Knowing such jargons will help in understanding the reading material and will help you to describe various aspects of the material in a better way. This will also make your answers sound more professional and get you good grades.

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