iPhone 7 Features, Specs, Rumors And Leaks

Think of Apple and an iPhone device comes in front of your eyes and its swift and smooth interface along with lots of simple and useful apps, which are specially created to make the life of an individual simple and fast. Apple definitely gets familiar with how to rotate around the minds of persons often whether throughout the launch of its latest device or the iOS version. Whilst persons are yet obtaining accustomed to the iPhone 5s and 5c, Apple has served its lots of customers all over the world and it is known for a good reason. Nowadays, the company is rumored to introduce iPhone 7 in the upcoming days.


With this debate and speculation, a number of people would skip purchasing the recent generation Apple Smartphone device and instead wait for the latest device. It is as well declared that the new iPhone device will be stronger, intelligent, lighter and larger than ever before.


The new gadget is declared to be packed with several new features, which will definitely astonish its users worldwide. Some features are explained below:


iPhone enthusiasts can anticipate the size of the display screen to be larger than the previous device, permitting them to watch pictures and videos on a large screen with improved viewing experience. It is supposed that Apple will make sure that this time they provide screen that can control better quality and remain no marks behind for any grievances. This next device will be available without the physical home button that means user friendly navigation is anticipated to entice its users.


Apple easily gets benefited of their dedicated and skilled experts to evolve a processor that will create your entire job with a touch of your fingers. The device will be based on quad core A8 processor or better. It will help in multitasking and permit you in performing numerous tasks swiftly and with more ease.


In this highly competitive Smartphone market, Apple will be offering a strong competition to other companies with the introduction of its new device. The upcoming next generation iPhone is declared to include an 8 MP front camera and a 20 MP rear camera. It will permit users in capturing clear and crisp images wherever they go, hence, removing the need of bringing a digital camera at the time of travel.


Apple is said to be functioning on creating an inbuilt projector for its latest device. It will permit users in projecting their movies or presentations on a flat or wall surface, hence enhancing the viewing experience of users.


iPhone is expected to come with memory of 256GB. With this storage memory, Apple will make another benchmark with its proof. What is more, there is no need of surprising to hear that iPhone 7 permits users in getting unlimited storage capacity, you not at all know Apple.

4G connectivity

iPhone fans will take the pleasure of surfing the internet with 4G connectivity support. 4G networks are anticipated to be assisted on both the spirit and AT&T networks.

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