Apple and Samsung are probably the biggest rivals in the technology industry at the moment. Their competition is nothing short of dramatic to say the least. Both these smartphone giants have enormous user base and a huge following.

It is understood that these two giants have launched mouthwatering pieces of tech in recent times. Apple has been criticized for lack of innovation and pinned all their hopes on iPhone 7 while Samsung, arguably the most stylish manufacturer of smartphones, launched Galaxy Note 7 not long ago.


iPhone is a trend setter, the first ever smartphone that used to rule the market without any real competition. Now the game has changed. There are multiple rivals now – most of them Android based such as Nexus 5.

The excitement that surrounds the smartphone battles can be understood by an example: one area the iPhone 7 and iOS 7 had the lead in was the camera quality but the new Android 4.4.1 update has significantly improved the camera on the Nexus 5 making it sharper and easily on par with the image quality the iPhone can produce.

But now let’s compare iPhone 7 to Galaxy Note 7…

iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It is not just Apple or Samsung’s reputation on the line here. When comparing these two handsets it becomes a very spicy iOS vs. Android battle.

Operating system (OS)

When talking about operating systems, I believe it’s all about personal preference. Both their interfaces are very different, their features are very different – it’s up to you. But looking for an objective point of view, iOS 7.1 (the version iPhone 7 carries) is cleaner and more user friendly, but not very customizable. However, Android KitKat 4.4 (the Android version Galaxy Note 7 carries) is more customizable and faster. The Jailbreak option provides extended customizable options for iPhone users as well. So if you are willing you can taste the best of both worlds.

The overall design and look

Looks are very important in smartphones. 80% of the users don’t buy their phones for features or usability; they buy them for brand and looks. And design is where iPhone loses its footing. In my opinion Galaxy Note 7 has a far better design while iPhone 7, despite the slight modifications, has a similar design to that of the first iPhone.

The other point of comparison would be screen sizes and quality. Galaxy Note 7 has a 5inch screen whereas iPhone 7 has 4inch – now this is a significant difference. Galaxy Note 7’s screen has 444-ppi density in comparison to iPhone 7’ 326-ppi.

The shape and dimensions of the iPhone usually please users who don’t like to carry bulging phones in their pockets, but the Galaxy Note 7 is slim and still fits fine in most pockets.

Winner here: Galaxy Note 7

Performance and features

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a 1.9 GHz quad-core processor. Some models of Note 7 have 1.6 GHz octa-core processor. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a 2GB RAM. In comparison to this iPhone 7 has a 1.3 GHz processor and 1GB RAM.

A simple math would put Galaxy Note 7 ahead, in fact comfortably ahead.


The camera of iPhone 7 has great features like AutoFocus, Colortone and Touchfocus etc. It is an 8MP camera. While the camera of Samsung has better quality in terms of pixels, 13MP, it doesn’t have the extensive features.

So quite difficult to decide who takes the lead on this one!


While Galaxy Note 7 appears to have an edge, I’m not trying to make a decision for you. After all, personal preference plays a huge part.  So as for choosing between iPhone 7 and Galaxy Note 7, it’s your call in the end. Read More ….



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