Samsung All New Galaxy s8


All the customers are expecting high specification and innovative looks for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge which would be releasing in the year 2017 April. Samsung has included the curved screen which has been indeed a big hit.


Features and Specifications-

Fingerprint sensor:

The Galaxy S8 will have a finer touch finger sensor for unlocking the phone and during the logging-in process for websites and payment options as well.

Force touch screen:

This is a similarity like 3D touch, this will response according to the finger pressure applied. Apple has already included this feature in some iPhones. So there is a possibility that Samsung is also going to having this.

Gorilla glass:  

The S8 will be made with a toughened glass, this make the phone more resistant to cover it from damages and improve the durability in both the front and the back side of the handset and the sides will be made-up of the metal frame.

Rapid charging:

Samsung is enhancing the charging features also, the S8 will provide a rapid charging, it will full charge up the phone in less than 30 minutes. Also, there will be a wireless charger that can charge the handset without managing the wires in just 15 minutes.

4k recording:

The rumor says, with the Galaxy S8, an ultra high resolution will be provided which displays up to 8 million pixels and the resolution will always stay above 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Battery capacity:

It’s going to provide a powerful battery of 40000mAH that won’t demand the next charge for a longer time period even after 5g networking; also, it will be a non-removable battery.

Memory capacity:

The Galaxy S8 will come with 256GB memory and a slot for the SD card if anyone wants the expandable memory and this will be offered at a range between $800 and $ 1200. Moreover, it will allow using the Type C USB port for better data transmission.


Foldable Concept: 

The most exciting concept that it will be a foldable phone in the year 2017 in which the phone will be provided having a flexible structure.


Like Every phone, the Samsung S8 will come with accessories like- A charger, Headphones, External battery and an outer case, and with a few more options like- Wireless Charger, Smart-Watch and Remote which will be all paid accessories. Next smartphone to watch for the launch would be Apple iPhone 8

The four colors will be provided- Green, Black, Gold and White. We will keep updating you with next upcoming smartphones soon till then keep visiting our site for more info till then share this news with your friends on social media.


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