Samsung Galaxy S7 Features, Specs, Rumors And Leaks

With the whole world waiting for the Galaxy S5 from the Samsung make public early next year 2015, there is a definite part of the internet, which is rumored and speculating the obvious leak of the Galaxy S7 from the Samsung. At an instance, when it is approximately assured that the next Smartphone device introduced by Samsung manufacturer will be the Galaxy S5, the concept of S7 is approximately preposterous. There are so many rumors and leaks available on the internet about this upcoming device. Take a look at some leaked rumors and speculates of the S7, mentioned below:


Android 5.0

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will allegedly arrive pre-packed with the 5.0 version of an Android operating system, if rumors are to be trusted. In fact, this rumor is more authentic, since the Google owned operating system is developing at a high speed and can be anticipated to create a version 5.0.


Ultra big RAM of 4 GB

This rumor advice that the S7 Smartphone device will include a huge DDR3 RAM of 4 GB, which is an uncommon opportunity, since such Random Access Memory is available with high end personal computers and desktops in these days, and still if executed on a mobile device, it would make use of a huge amount of phone resources.

Curved aluminum body

It is also imagined that the Galaxy S5 Smartphone device will include a curved uni-body exterior made up of aluminum, and the same thing is being happened for the S7 too. It will be a nice modification from conventional plastic bodies of the modern Smartphone devices of the Galaxy series.

30 megapixel camera

You need not to remember the need of carrying a DSLR everywhere you go, if this rumor is to be considered, the Galaxy S7 might accommodate a luminous 30 megapixel camera, competent of capturing real videos and images, with the patented ISOCELL technology by the Samsung on its own. This technology also is used in the camera feature of the S5. This would be a received specification for the photography enthusiasts up to a great extent. Also, the secondary camera will be included in this device, which is of 7 MP that features face detection and face time over cellular or Wi-Fi network connection.

Display screen

The Smartphone S7 is imagined to include a display screen of 6 inches, which have a complete resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.It can also be curved and flexible.

Battery and sensors

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is rumored to run on the battery of 4500 mAh that offers a talk time of a large number of hours. The device will also contain sensors, including a light sensor, voice command, fingerprint scanner, retina scanner and many others.

The S7 is just a rumor of the future days, which may probably not even arrive in the marketplaces, since the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the subsequent Samsung device in order to be made public. For what its value, the coming days will say about this thing. Users are eagerly interested to know about the fact that what Samsung will bring for them after S5.

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