Tips to Prepare for Class 10th Exams


10th Board Exams are the first challnge towards your dream career. The level of competition during the board exams is so much that students face problems that might prevent them from coping up with the amount of self- induced pressure which they build within themselves. To help you effectively prepare for your 10th exams and secure a meritorious position in the exam, follow the below tips:


Understand the Basics

Students usually tend to mug up lessons, forgetting the fact that this will help the students remember things only for a short while. This is a temporary solution and won’t be much helpful as you will forget the stuff soon. The key to succeed in remembering things is understanding the basics and principles.

Revise and Solve Sample Papers

Solving sample question papers is perhaps one of the best ways to practice what you have prepared. This gives you confidence to take on any unexpected challenges when attempting your final board exams. You also get a fair idea of the format of the question paper and probably cover the entire syllabus. This way you can find out your areas of strengths and weaknesses where you need to work on harder. Make sure to revise whatever you have studied so that your brain refreshes the topics again and again.

Plan Your Study Schedules

Plan your study schedule in a very realistic way so that you do not have to rush at the last moment. Develop a habit of understanding each and every subject conceptually and make important notes so that it gets easier for you to revise everything well before the exam. Also, invest proper amount of time for every subject to avoid last minute rush. The subjects you are weak in should be given more time to pick a good grasp. Study for at least 6-7 hours a day with a proper time table where the amount of time dedicated to each subject depends on the complexity and length of the subject.

Maintain Proper Health

Students tend to reduce the number of sleep hours when its exam time. This way they are prone to stress and tension which reduces their concentration and will deteriorate their health. A proper sleep of 6-8 hours and spending a good amount of time in outdoor activities will keep the students physically and mentally fit. Maintaining a proper balanced diet will help you keep a proper health.

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